The Fishing Trip

Written By: D’be-D’be

As Gage entered the locker room he took a moment to look at the shift schedule. He was pleased to see the way the schedule ran, A-Shift was going to have three straight days off. What a perfect opportunity to go fishing.

Gage loved the outdoors in general and fishing in particular. He remembered fondly his summers on the reservation when his uncle used to take him and his cousins to the local fishing hole. No matter how bad the fishing was, Gage had always managed to catch one or two. His uncle had told him he was a natural.

After joining the Paramedic program and meeting Roy Desoto and eventually becoming partners, Gage managed to persuade Roy to go fishing with him up at a mountain cabin belonging to a friend of Gage’s. At first Desoto wasn’t up to the idea, but eventually it grew on him and now he jumps at every opportunity to go fishing with his friend.

Gage began to whistle at the prospect of going up to the cabin. Maybe he could even persuade Roy, Mike and the Captain to go with him. That would be simply wonderful. The cabin is so far into the wilderness, they could be themselves and not worry about getting caught doing anything out of the ‘norm’.

All the guys were gathered around the kitchen table drinking coffee when Gage walked into the room. “Hey, Guys,” he said to no one in particular. “Did you notice we have three days off? Who’s up for a fishing trip to my friend’s cabin?”

Desoto and Stoker were the first to join in Gage’s enthusiasm, very quickly followed by Captain Stanley. Although Gage didn’t want Kelly and Lopez to be part of the trip, he knew he couldn’t count them out if they wished to come, without raising some manner of suspicion. Luck was with the young paramedic however, when both Kelly and Lopez had to bow out because of prior commitments they couldn’t get out of.

“Gee, that’s too bad, guys.” Gage tried to sound disappointed. “I promise I’ll bring you back some fish.”

“I won’t hold my breath, Johnny,” Kelly remarked. “The last time you were fishing, all you brought back were the worms you used for bait.”

“Ha-ha, very funny,” Gage retorted as he poured himself a cup of coffee. “You just wait and see.”

Kelly was about to respond to that remark when the alarm went off calling Station 51 to the scene of a car accident.

It was a six car pileup on the interstate, with various injuries; the worst being a mother and little girl pinned under the seat. As the firemen poured water on the car to prevent a major fire erupting from the spilled gasoline, Gage and Desoto, with the help from the jaws-of-life, freed the injured parties. It took them about a half hour to get them both free from the wreckage and out of the vehicle. The little girl had sustained minor injuries, but the mother had spinal injuries and head trauma.

Gage took the vitals, while Desoto contacted Rampart Emergency. Dr. Brackett gave the boys their instructions and as soon as the ambulance arrived, Gage accompanied the mother and little girl to the hospital, while Desoto followed in the squad.

They were at Rampart for approximately thirty minutes, where they took the opportunity to refill their supplies and grab a coffee. Then in was back to the station.

On the way back Roy turned to Johnny and asked, “What time do you want to leave for the cabin?”

“Well if it’s okay with Mike and Hank, why don’t we leave tonight after our shift is done? That way we won’t have to get up so early to get on the road.”

“Sounds good to me; I’ll give Joanne a call and let her know my plans and to ask her to pack me a suitcase and get my gear ready. I’m sure the Cap will do the same with his wife.”

There was a moment of jealousy as the thought of Stanley’s wife crossed Gage’s mind but he pushed it aside as he agreed with Roy. “I’ll mention it to him as soon as we get back. I’m sure there will be no problem with that.”

Desoto shook his head and stated, “While the Cap and I run home, you and Mike get your gear together and we’ll meet back here and take your jeep.”

“My gear is all ready. I always keep my fishing equipment and an overnight bag ready in my jeep at all times, so it will only be Mike that will have to run home and if he wants, I can drive him there. Instead of you two coming all the way back to the station, I can pick you up as well.”

“That sounds like a better plan, Johnny. Let’s see if the guys see it our way.”

When the Paramedics returned to the station, they relayed their plans for departure to Stoker and Stanley who readily agreed.

The rest of the shift moved slowly for Gage, although they had plenty of runs. It was just that he was so anxious to be up at the cabin with the Captain that time seems to crawl until the moment they could leave. Finally the last run was complete, B-Shift took over and the four men were off.


The trip up to the cabin was uneventful, but pleasant. Stanley sat in the front seat, holding hands with Gage, while Desoto and Stoker cuddled in the back seat.

When they reached the cabin, they quickly unloaded the gear and groceries. Once inside, Roy and Mike put away the groceries while Johnny and Hank lit the fireplace. Mike found some candles in the cupboard so instead of turning on the lights; the candles were lit, giving the room a romantic glow.

“Hey, Johnny,” Stoker said. “I noticed there is only one bedroom and four of us. Does that mean two of us have to sleep on the floor?”

“Nah,” Gage answered. “The sofa opens up to a king-size bed, so the only thing to decide is who gets the bedroom and who sleeps out here.”

“Why don’t we flip a coin for it?” Stanley suggested.

“No Cap; it’s only right that you and Johnny have the bedroom. I mean after all you are the Captain and it is sort of John’s cabin,” Roy responded.

“No, there’s no rank up here, fellows,” Stanley insisted. “So don’t let that influence the decision.”

“I think Roy makes a marvellous point, Cap,” Gage remarked.

“Oh you do, do you, kiddo? That doesn’t surprise me!” Stanley laughed. “But I think we should flip a coin for it to keep everything fair.”

“Look, Cap,” Stoker put his two cents in. “You may think you’re not the Captain up here, but we have to much respect for you not to keep deferring to your rank, so I agree with Roy; we’ll take the sofa and cuddle up in front of the fire.”

“Well,” Gage stood up, rubbing his hands together. “It’s settled; we take the bedroom and you have the sofa.”

Giving his Brat a warning look for being so anxious to take the bedroom, Stanley told them he would only agree to that if they would switch places tomorrow evening. That seemed to be a great solution so after getting the nod from his Top, Gage moved their bags into the bedroom. He was soon joined by Stanley, who undressed his young Brat and placed him in the bed. After using the washroom, Stanley quickly undressed as well to join Gage in the middle of the bed. They cuddled for a few minutes, which lead to foreplay, then to a wonderful session of love making that left them both spent, exhausted and content.

The almost exact same scene was being played out in the living room, where after making passionate love, Stoker fell asleep in Desoto’s arms.


Johnny was up with the crack of dawn, followed shortly by Mike. They decided to let Stanley and Desoto sleep a little longer while they prepared the breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and coffee.

While Johnny fried the bacon, Mike toasted and buttered the bread. The eggs were put in the warmer while the coffee percolated in the percolator.

“Hey, Mike, can I ask you a personal question about Hank?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well, you know last month when I was helping him with his studies….?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well the night before he wrote the exam, I decided to give him a massage, then one thing led to another and I made love to him….I mean I topped him?”

“Yeah, so…?”

“Well, he let it slip that you were his first in that area.”

“Yeah, I was. Why; does that bother you? I mean after all you know, he and I were lovers at one point?”

“No, but…..”

“But what, Johnny? Come on spit it out. What’s bothering you?”

“I didn’t think Tops let Brat’s do that sort of thing.”

“Well for one thing, Johnny, the Cap and I weren’t in that type of relationship. It was just pure sex and one night I just felt like taking him instead of the other way around. I guess a little part of me wanted to know what it felt like to dominate my Captain. It only happened the once and although it was great, I didn’t feel as satisfied as I thought I would, if you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I guess I do. I know he allowed me to top him, so in a way he was still in control. He just needed to be topped to get rid of the last of exam anxiety, I guess.”

“That was probably it so don’t expect to have that happen again any time soon.”

“I know he told me that.” Gage hesitated before asking the next question. “Uh Mike, did you ever top Roy?”

“No, and he made it perfectly clear that it will never happen!”

“You mean you tried once and got disciplined?”

“Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I mean.”

Gage let out a chuckle as he turned the frying pan off and placed the bacon and eggs in the serving trays.

“Johnny,” Stoker asked. “You’re not upset that the Cap and I were lovers, are you?”

“No, I’m not. I know Hank loves me very much and I love him as much if not more, so that’s all that matters now.”

“I’m happy to hear that. Roy wanted me to discuss it with you just in case you were upset. He wanted us to work out any problems that may have occurred.”

“Well you can assure him that I’m fine with it, just like I’m fine with you and he being together.”

“Well now that we have all that cleared up, what do you say we wake up our sleeping beauties?”

“I know just how to do it,” Gage said as he pulled out a tape recorder from the cupboard drawer. Mike smiled in agreement and anticipation as he watched Gage put in a tape and hit play. The familiar sound of the fire alarm could be heard throughout the cabin. Gage and Stoker let out a loud hoop of laughter as Stanley came barrelling out of the bedroom, jumping from one leg to another trying to get his pants on, while Roy threw himself out of bed and not familiar with the surroundings nearly knocked himself out as he banged into the wall.

Stanley quickly realized where he was. He stopped and glared at his Brat who suddenly realized what he had just done wasn’t as funny as it was a minute ago as he spotted the look in his Captain’s eyes. Stoker was feeling the same dread as he looked over at Roy.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Gage?” Stanley snapped as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

“When the smell of the food cooking didn’t wake you up, Cap, I figured you were dead to the world and I knew the one sure thing that would drag you out of a deep sleep would be the alarm sounding. After all, old habits are hard to break.” Gage hoped his sorry excuse for an explanation would satisfy his Top and calm his anger.

Stoker walked over to Desoto and gave him a hug. “Sorry, Honey. Are you all right?” he asked as he looked for any damage the wall may have caused.

Desoto gave Stoker a hard slap on his behind as he pushed him into the kitchen. “I don’t appreciate that little joke of yours, little boy, not one bit.”

“I’m sorry, Roy, and you’re right. it seemed funny at the moment, but I guess in hind sight it was a dumb idea.”

“Okay, just forget it. Now let’s eat,” Roy said as he kissed Stoker good morning.

Stanley in the meantime gestured for Gage to come over to him. With some hesitation, Gage did as he was told. With head down and ‘I’m sorry’ on his lips, the young man stood in front of his Top. “Are you going to spank me, Hank?” Johnny asked with a note of dread in his voice.

“No, I’m not going to spank you. What I am going to do is this.” Before Gage could react, Stanley began tickling him on the sides which sent Johnny to the floor in a fit of laughter as he begged Stanley to stop. “Do you promise not to do that again?” Stanley asked, smiling.

“Oh God, Hank, ha-ha-ha...stop, please.” Stanley didn’t. Another spasm of laughter came from the floor. Finally Gage couldn’t stand it anymore and he shouted, “Uncle, uncle, I promise I won’t do that again….ha-ha-ha….I promise, Cap.”

Stanley stopped the torture as he pulled Gage to his feet and brushed the tears of laughter from his face. Gage threw his arms around his Top and drew him close. “God I love you, Hank, and I’m sorry I woke you up that way.”

“I love you too. Now let’s forget it, kiddo, and eat. I’m starving.”

The four men ate the meal while conversing on different topics. Once the meal was over and the dishes were cleaned up, they grabbed their fishing gear and went down to the lake.

At around 11:30 am, Captain Stanley and Roy Desoto decided to stop fishing and head back to the cabin to fix everyone some lunch. Johnny and Mike asked for permission to stay for another hour, because according to Johnny, the fish are going to bite at any time now.

By noon, the fish still weren’t biting and noticing the time, the young men started heading back. Halfway down the path, Mike commented on how hungry he was getting just as he spotted a bush with purple berries hanging down. “Hey, Johnny, they look good. Do you think they’re alright to eat?”

Gage, who always bragged to anyone who listened about his native heritage, walked over and studied the berries. Not wanting to admit to Stoker, who would quickly relay the confession to Kelly that he didn’t know as much about plants as he let on, picked one off the bush and smelled it. “Oh sure, Mike, go ahead. But don’t eat to many because it will spoil our lunch.”

Stoker grabbed a handful and deposited them into his mouth. “Mmmm, they’re delicious, Johnny. I think they’re black currents or something.”

“I don’t think that’s what they are, but they’re in the same family,” Gage said with an air of confidence, although he didn’t really have a clue what he was talking about.

As they reached the cabin however, he realized he may have made a mistake by exaggerating his knowledge of berries and such as Mike grabbed his stomach and let out a loud groan.

The young Engineer ran through the door and went straight to the bathroom where he experienced the worst bout of diarrhoea he’d ever had. The others could hear him moan in pain as the cramps came hard and fast.

“What on earth is wrong with Mike?” Roy asked, walking over to the bathroom and tapped lightly on the door. “Mike, are you all right in there? Can I do anything to help?”

“Oh Roy, I think my guts are coming out. I know I’m going to die,” came through the door. Desoto could hear the tears in his Brat’s voice.

Gage looked over at Stanley and quickly looked down at his shoes when he saw the dark clouds gathering in his Top’s eyes.

“Johnny, get over here!” Stanley ordered.

Gage slowly moved to stand in front of his Top; eyes still on the ground.

“Look at me, Johnny, now!”

Gage, with tears forming in his eyes, did as he was told.

“Okay, kiddo, I want an explanation for how Mike got in this predicament.”

“He ate some berries.”

“I see. And you let him do that not knowing what kind they were?”

“I-I…they looked like the berries my grandmother used to pick on the reservation for medicinal purposes, but you’re right, I wasn’t sure.”

“So if you weren’t sure, why did you let him eat then?”

“Because he asked me what I thought and I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t know as much about that type of things as he thought I did.”

‘Why, what’s wrong with admitting you weren’t sure?”

“He’d tell Kelly and then every time I talked about living on the reservation, he’d give me a hard time.”

Stanley shook his head in exasperation. “Let me get this straight. Instead of admitting you were unsure and risk the chance of getting teased by Kelly, you let Mike eat some berries that may or may not have been poisonous?”

“Well it sounds bad when you say it, but generally that’s about right.”

“Johnny, we’ve talked about the consequences of you always trying to prove that you know more that you do, right?”

“I vaguely remember that, yes sir,” Gage tried to engage a little humour into the situation, hoping to lighten the mood. But it didn’t work.

“Excuse me, Roy, for a few moments, while I take my young man here into the woods for a little lesson in rule breaking.”

Gage began to struggle out of Stanley’s grasp, so Stanley did what any good fireman did when confronting a struggling victim. He threw Gage over his shoulder in a Fireman’s carry and walked out the door and down the path until he came to a fallen tree.

Stanley put Gage down on his feet and at the same time sat down on the tree trunk. He pulled Gage’s pants and shorts down, then grabbed Gage’s left arm and pulled him down over his lap. “Okay, Johnny, before I start the discipline, I want to ask you if you know why you are about to get punished?”

“Yes….” Gage mumbled. “I broke one of the rules we agreed on and I also put a friend in danger because of it.”

“Very good,” Stanley stated as he gently rubbed Gage’s bare behind, preparing it for what was to come. Gage didn’t have to wait long. Before he took his next breath, he felt a strong hand come down on his bare skin, causing him to yelp out in pain. Stanley’s hand fell on one buttock then the other until he noticed how red his young man’s ass was getting and how Gage’s body was shaking from pain and tears.

He started the discipline like he started, by rubbing the bare skin, then his hand moved up and rubbed Johnny’s back until he felt the shaking subside somewhat. He lifted Gage to his feet and after helping him pull up his clothing, he pulled Johnny down on his lap.

Gage slipped his arms around Stanley’s waist and placed his head in the crook of Stanley’s shoulder. He was still sobbing with the pain, but Stanley’s soothing cooing and rocking motion soon helped the tears subside. “Oh Hank, I’m so sorry for breaking one of our rules.”

“I know you are, kiddo, but what’s done is done, so let’s forget it and get back to the cabin to check on Mike.”

“God, I hope he’s not too ill. I hope he’ll forgive me.”

“Knowing Mike the way I do, I’m sure he will. Are you ready to go?”

After giving Stanley a kiss and a tight hug, Gage reluctantly slipped off his Top’s lap.

As they walked down the path, Stanley couldn’t help but smile as he noticed that Gage winced a time a two as his clothing rubbed against his red, sore butt. He also noticed every once in awhile how Gage placed a hand on his backside and gave it a slow rub. He kept his amusement to himself however, for Stanley wasn’t the type of Top to rub it in.

When the two men returned to the cabin, they found Mike had made it out of the bathroom and was lying on the sofa in Roy’s arms.

Gage ran up to his friend and stuck his hand out. “I’m so sorry, Mike. I should have admitted I wasn’t sure what those berries were and stop you from eating them. Can you forgive me?’

Stoker was in no mood for forgiveness right now. Although he felt much better since Roy gave him some medicine, he was feeling sorry for himself because of the fact that Roy informed him he wouldn’t be able to go fishing anymore today. He slapped the outstretched hand away as he growled, “No! I don’t forgive you! I’m sick and tired of you’re ‘I know everything about everything attitude’. My stomach is killing me and it’s all your fault.”

“Hey, Pal, I didn’t force those berries down your throat,” Gage snapped back but quickly apologized again when he heard Stanley clear his throat. “You’re right, Mike, I guess I have a little problem in that area, but I am trying, really I am.”

“You’re not trying hard enough. Now get away from me and let me sleep.”

Gage’s eyes filled with tears at Mike’s rebuttal. Roy knew how sensitive Gage really was about these things. He knew he tried to hide that sensitivity from the other guys, but you don’t ride with someone for almost four years and not get to know them inside and out.

“Mike,” Roy said, “Johnny is really sincere. I know he really feels bad about what happened. Don’t you think it’s only right that you forgive him?”

Mike knew he would regret the next words that came out of his mouth but at this point in time he didn’t care. He turned to his Top and snapped, “Why did I know you would take his side over mine. Don’t you give a damn that I could have been poisoned by listening to him?”

“Mike, take it easy and calm down right now,” Roy responded. “Just because you’re not feeling well doesn’t give you the right to treat me with disrespect.”

“Me treat you with disrespect? I think it’s the other way around by the way you’re standing up for Johnny.”

“I am doing no such thing and you know it. I’m just stating the obvious. Johnny realizes what he did was wrong and he’s genuinely sorry, that’s all.”

“Yeah sure; whatever you say, Roy.”

“Look, young man, I suggest that you drop that attitude this minute or you will find yourself with another reason to complain about the pain you’re in, if you get my meaning.”

“You wouldn’t dare, would you?’’ Stoker began to back pedal. “I mean you wouldn’t discipline me when I’m so sick?”

“You’re not that sick anymore and you know it. More importantly I know it, so don’t try and pull the wool over my eyes and try to play the pity card. You’re just upset because I want you to stay close to the cabin this afternoon, that’s all.”

“Well,” Mike continued down the wrong path with his words. “If I’m not that sick anymore, why do I have to stay indoors for the rest of the day?”

“Because I say so that’s why, end of discussion.” Desoto’s voice took on a seldom heard harshness and both Gage and Stanley knew if Mike didn’t shut up right now, he was in a heap of trouble.

“That’s a stupid reason!” Mike retorted stubbornly.

“I said end of discussion, Michael!” Desoto had reached the end of his patience and everyone seemed to realize it except Stoker.

“End of discussion, Michael!” Stoker repeated in a mocking way.

Stanley took a hold of Gage’s arm and led him outside when he saw the look in Roy’s eyes. They were no sooner outside, than Stoker found himself over his Top’s lap, getting a good sound spanking.

As Gage heard Mike yell out in pain, he cuddled up to Stanley. “I feel it’s my fault Mike is getting disciplined and I feel really bad, Hank.”

“It’s not your fault, kiddo. Yes, you played a part in him getting sick but you are not responsible for his actions or his words. He is just in one of those moods that only a Top can get him out of, so don’t give it a second thought, okay?”

“I love you, Hank. I can’t believe how lucky I am to finally have you in my life,” Gage said as he laid his head on Stanley’s shoulder.

“I feel the same way, kiddo,” Stanley replied, giving Gage a kiss on the forehead.

They stayed outside for a while to give Desoto and Stoker time to work everything out. When they finally went back in, Mike and Roy were cuddled up on the couch. All was forgiven.

When Mike saw Johnny enter the cabin he climbed out of Roy’s arms and approached his friend. “I’m sorry for the way I behaved, Johnny. I know you are genuinely sorry about the berries. You were right; you didn’t force the berries down my throat. I guess I was just feeling a little sorry for myself.”

“Hey, forget about it!” Gage smiled as he slapped his friend on the back. “Hey, it looks like it’s clouding over anyway, so there probably won’t be any more fishing today. Why don’t we pop some popcorn and play some cards or board games?”

“That sounds like a great idea. Roy, Cap, don’t you think that’s a great idea?” Stoker asked.

“I think it’s a marvellous idea,” Stanley replied. “Roy, you get the popcorn. Johnny, you get the games. Mike, you set up the table. We’ll have a great afternoon.”

“And maybe tonight we can have a bonfire and roast marshmallows,” Roy said as he took the pot down from the shelf.

The mood was once again harmonious for the four men. The rest of the weekend went by without incident and they even managed to catch a few fish, much to Kelly’s surprise when they arrived back at the station on Monday morning.

As Gage and Stoker got into their uniforms their eyes met. They were both thinking the same thing. ‘We are a couple of lucky Brats.’

The End.